Are you or a loved one facing municipal court charges or dealing with traffic violations?

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For most people, an appearance in municipal court is the only experience they will have with the law. When you are cited for a traffic violation or are charged with a minor offense, you want to be sure that you have the legal protection you need to minimize fines and points on your drivers license and keep you on the road. Stern Law represents individuals charged with drunk-driving, traffic violations and other municipal court offenses.
Stern Law will work to keep you out of jail, preserve your driving privileges, and protect your rights.
When facing municipal charges or a traffic violation, you want to be sure that your rights are protected. Stern Law will advocate for you to optimize your results in municipal court.
Jeffrey Stern, Esq. is a skilled attorney who can assist you in municipal court by protecting your rights. Stern Law will fully investigate the charges, collect police reports, contact witnesses and take the necessary legal steps to protect your rights. Stern Law will work vigorously to reduce or eliminate charges, keep you from losing your license, and prevent jail time.
Stern Law can represent you in all municipal court matters, including:
  • Traffic violations: speeding, reckless driving
  • Driving while suspended
  • Driving while uninsured
  • License suspension
  • Marijuana possession
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft
  • Resisting arrest
  • Improper identification
  • Harassment
  • Domestic assault
  • Minor drug offenses
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Disorderly persons
  • Drunk in public
Even minor traffic violations can have serious consequences. You may have to pay fines or lose your license. You may suffer from an increase in auto insurance premiums. Stern Law will take the necessary steps to mitigate the legal consequences of traffic violations.
Jeffrey Stern, Esq. will appear at the municipal court, investigate and collect evidence and help you contest charges against you. If you have been charged with a disorderly person’s offense, you may be able to get your charges or penalties reduced. Stern Law will work to keep you out of jail, preserve your license and protect your rights.
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