Are you buying or selling a home and need an attorney review?

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Stern Law provides comprehensive legal help to buyers and sellers involved in residential real estate transactions. If you are like most people, your home or other type of real estate property is your largest asset. All appropriate measures will be taken to protect your investment and safeguard your rights in various types of real estate transactions. Stern Law represents buyers, sellers and current homeowners whose needs involve residential closings, foreclosures and other residential real estate matters.
Stern Law provide buyers and sellers with valuable legal guidance during home closing. Closing documents, land deeds, property titles and other items will be carefully reviewed to safeguard your interests. Stern Law will work to resolve any title or boundary issues and make sure the title is free and clear. We want to ensure the completion this transaction as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. We also work to prevent future complications after the home closing.
For most of clients, the purchase or sale of real property, especially a home, is an important event involving large financial assets. You will want to be sure that every part of the agreement, including every document, is carefully examined.
Selling your home?
  • Stern Law will review with you all the information you need for a contract of sale.
  • A real estate contract of sale has many contingencies you need to fully understand. Can the purchaser obtain a mortgage? Are there problems (such as termites) that need to be dealt with prior to the sale? Is the title free of defects or liens? In other words, is it a good marketable title?
  • Before you enter into a contract, make sure you understand all your obligations. Your attorney can explain your responsibilities regarding the home’s condition, closing costs, and taxes. By having an experienced real estate lawyer, you can be aware of how to protect yourself against future liability.
Buying a home?
    • Buying a home is likely the biggest and most complex transaction you will ever make. Though most home sales work out well, some do not and result in costly disputes.
    • An experienced real estate attorney can guide you through the purchase process and help you avoid problems. Have your attorney review all documents before you sign.
    • When you sign a contract of sale, make sure the contract includes all aspects of the purchase: the sale price, deposit amount, repair requirements, and needed contingency clauses (mortgage contingency, home inspection contingency, sale-of-other-home contingency), and all items included in the sale. Your lawyer can also check the home’s title and make sure you have title insurance.
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